Mint, Eucalyptus + Oatmeal Bar

Mint, Eucalyptus + Oatmeal Bar

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Looking for a natural, non abrasive way to exfoliate your skin? Try our Oatmeal, Mint + Eucalyptus Bar. This organic beauty is safe to use on face and body while gently clearing away imperfections leaving your skin clean and moisturized. 

All soaps are handcrafted with organic, plant based ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, oatmeal, eucalyptus essential oils, mint essential oils and a whole lotta love.

Please note these items have a shelf life of six months. Due to natural oils, store product in dry, cool place. 

You may be left with an oatmeal puck in the end. Since all products are Eco friendly and chemical free, oatmeal may be disposed of in your compost.